Life, love, sex and death: Filmmaker plans to shoot horror movie in York

A still from the concept video from Death & The Widow
29 Oct 2017 @ 8.47 pm
| Entertainment

As part of my film studies at University of West London, I wrote a short screenplay called Death & The Widow, a horror that takes place in Victorian London. It received top marks all round.

Upon completion of my studies, I entered the script into my first film festival; Hollywood Horrorfest 2014. It won Best Period Horror Screenplay.

Since then it has won and been nominated for awards at festivals and for competitions in London, New Orleans, South Carolina, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

It’s now time to take it from page to screen!

I live in York now and will be shooting the film in this magnificent historical city, utilising it’s unique landscape and atmosphere to recreate Victorian-era England, with some additional film taking place in the surrounding areas.

Striking locations, fine costumes

What secrets could the widow – played by Alexa Mathews – tell?
Of course, funding is the primary hurdle to overcome in making a movie, especially when creating a period piece.

We have drawn up a budget that would allow us to hire the finest costumes and incorporate some of the most striking locations in Yorkshire.

In order to help us reach our financial target, a crowd-funding campaign has been launched on Indiegogo, a democratic platform that is geared towards the raising of funds for various different kinds of projects, including film-making.

We are looking for help in bringing this York-based project to life. By clicking on the link above below, you will be taken to our campaign page. Most importantly, you will also see a button for backing the film!

[arve url=”” title=”Death & The Widow concept” /]

And here you can watch a proof of concept; essentially a short film that we shot giving a flavour of the final piece.

The plot of the film

Nigel Passey as the Undertaker

A woman observes the body of her daughter being treated by an undertaker. The sight of his hands on female flesh stirs memories in her of her deceased husband and a passion in her is awakened.

Whilst voyeuristically spying on him one night, she discovers a bizarre side to his nature, thus leading her to discover dark, hidden depths to her own desires.

Chilling and sensual, Death & The Widow is a chilling and sensual Gothic Horror that explores life, love, sex and death, set in one of the most macabre periods in history: Victorian England.

Great perks

Chilling… Death & The Widow
Any amount brings us one step closer to making this film a reality and there’s some nice perks to be had as well, including a ghost walk and a taxidermy class, courtesy of local businesses that we’ve teamed up with.

For a certain amount, we’ll even deck you out in Victorian regalia for a walk on part! And of course, anyone who contributes gets a credit on the film.

We would be extremely grateful for any assistance that could be given in bringing Death & The Widow to the screen.

You would not only be contributing to a personal passion project but to a showcase that would celebrate Yorkshire and it’s talent on the silver screen! Thanks!