Lib Dems and the Green Party join forces to run City of York Council

14 May 2019 @ 10.46 am
| News, Politics

A new ‘progressive partnership’ will run York, it was revealed today (Tuesday 14 May).

No one party gained an overall majority in the May 2 elections. Now Liberal Democrat and Green Party councillors have formed a coalition to lead the council over the next four years.

Support for the Liberal Democrats and Green Party in York increased at the poll. Both parties combined received more than 50% of the vote.

And the two parties share common ground, on Brexit for example.

Now the 21 Lib Dem councillors and the four Green Party councillors will unite “in the best interests of York, forming a progressive partnership that will lead City of York Council in a new, fresh direction and giving more power to local residents,” they said in the statement today.

‘A council that listens’

Cllr Aspden at York council’s West Offices HQ
Leader of the Liberal Democrat group – and soon to be installed as council leader – Cllr Keith Aspden said the two parties had share aspirations.

He said:

  • As Liberal Democrats, we look forward to serving our communities, making York fairer and affordable for everyone, improving our frontline services, addressing the challenges of climate change, giving our children a better start and creating a council that listens and works for residents.

York Green Party leader Andy D’Agorne. Photograph: David Lindsay

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Leader of the Green Group, added:

  • We share a conviction in the urgency of addressing the climate emergency and making York carbon neutral by 2030, while improving life and basic services for everyone in the city.

    We will work to engage council staff, councillors, residents, businesses and interest groups in achieving this.

    The Green Party looks forward to embarking on this partnership and seizing this opportunity to deliver on our vision for York.

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