Lendal Bridge to reopen – York reacts

Lendal Bridge. Photograph: Richard McDougall
9 Apr 2014 @ 11.30 am
| Environment, Transport
Lendal Bridge. Photograph: Richard McDougall
Lendal Bridge. Photograph: Richard McDougall

What began as a bold, intriguing, and undoubtedly controversial experiment to tackle traffic congestion and improve the environment has ended in a bit of a messy shouting match.

Traffic restrictions on Lendal Bridge in York are to be lifted on Saturday. This comes after the legality of the penalty notices issued to erring drivers were called into question.

Critics of the trial, introduced by the Labour-run council, have often tried to claim that the whole city was against the bridge closure. That is certainly not the case.

YorkMix ran a ‘Lendal Bridge Week’ halfway through the six month trial, and found many shades of opinion, in favour and against. Read the pieces here.

Today, though, York has been reflecting on the change of plan. Here’s how…

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