Kitchen damaged in York fire

Library photograph: YorkMix
5 Mar 2019 @ 7.53 am
| News

Firefighters were called out to a kitchen fire last night.

Crews from Huntington and York went to the incident at a property on Water Lane at 7.06pm on Monday (4 March).

A chip pan had caught fire. A North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said:

  • Residents had used a garden hose to extinguish the fire prior to the fire brigade’s arrival.

    Fire crews gave advice against using water on electrical appliance and fat fires.

Damage was caused to the kitchen and work surface. Firefighters inspected the property using a thermal imaging camera.

Later at 10.43pm, a York fire crew went to a house on Ambrose Street after a 15-year-old boy became locked in the bathroom.

The crew used hand tools to open the door and release the teenager.