Julian Cope to return to York after walkout – but not at Fibbers

On his way back… Julian Cope
22 May 2015 @ 7.23 pm
| News

Two days after he walked out of Fibbers without playing a note, Julian Cope has revealed he is coming back to York.

Many fans were left dismayed when they turned up at the Toft Green venue to find out that the former Teardrop Explodes frontman had called off the gig on Wednesday night.

Some had travelled long distances, including one ticket-holder who had come up from Milton Keynes.

Julian had said the stage was too dark for him to play, despite the best efforts of the Fibbers team to get the lighting to his satisfaction.

Today, though, a new date has been fixed – but not at Fibbers.

He will now play the Duchess on Sunday, August 2, 2015.

His management released a statement which said:

Julian was hugely upset to disappoint his audience at York Fibbers on 20th May but due to unforeseen circumstances with the lighting rig, it was impossible for the show to go ahead.

We are pleased to announce that the gig will be rescheduled for Sunday 2nd August at an alternative venue, the Duchess in York.

Fibbers’ Tim Hornsby, who had to break the bad news to gig-goers on Wednesday, said:

The Duchess is a great venue, particularly for this show, and I’m sure they’ll have the lights sorted out in time.