Joint approach to tackle anti-social behaviour in York

29 Oct 2013 @ 1.12 pm
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Issued by City of York Council

City of York Council, North Yorkshire Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner will soon be asked to commit to working in partnership to deliver an innovative approach to transforming the way both organisations work together to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) and nuisance, including environmental issues such as flytipping and graffiti, within the city.

The proposed approach would see the establishment of an ASB Hub, involve merging resources, powers and expertise to make communities across the city feel and be safer.

The proposals would also see the introduction of Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) enforcement officers to which the Chief Constable can grant specific policing powers relevant to this project.

These council officers would be deployed alongside police officers in a single frontline team whose sole purpose would be to proactively tackle ASB across the City of York to ensure a more efficient, timely and appropriate response within York’s communities.

The final decision on this partnership initiative will be made on 5th November at the respective Cabinet & Executive Group Meetings.

Whilst overall crime is reducing anti-social behaviour is still a significant area of demand for both NYP and the council, and has a high community impact in the city.

Current annual volumes for York show in the region of 12,000 ASB incidents reported to the police and 3,500 reported to City of York Council. Many of these incidents involve more than one of the services in place to support ASB resolution.

If approved, the new hub will be located at the council’s West Offices where officers will be based alongside Safer York Partnership and the council’s Tenancy Enforcement team.

From there, officers will be deployed more rapidly and effectively, seven days a week. Not only that, but, where necessary expertise from the council can also be called upon including trading standards, licensing, housing, social services, public health, legal, youth offending and probation services.

Cllr Linsay Cunningham-Cross, City of York Cabinet Member for Crime and Stronger Communities, said: “The proposals for an Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) hub is a joint and ground-breaking venture between City of York Council and North Yorkshire Police.

“Its aim is to ensure a more efficient, timely and appropriate response to ASB within our communities, unlike any other operation in the country.

“It is proposed the hub will be a single team of frontline enforcement officers from both organisations, which will mean more effective officer time to deal with both ASB as well as other crimes and issues of concern to our communities, whilst also building the communities own confidence and capacity to deal with ASB.”

Cllr David Levene, City of York Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said “Deploying Council officers accredited with specific policing powers alongside police officers will benefit our communities by having a single frontline team whose sole purpose would be to proactively tackle ASB, including environmental issues like flytipping and graffiti.”

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This is a great example of how we can improve things for our local communities. Communities will feel safer knowing and seeing agencies working together to deliver excellent partnership service.

“This is an innovative approach to an old problem, and I hope it improves the lives of all those living in the City of York.”

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, North Yorkshire Police sponsor for the project, said: “Anti-social behaviour can affect the quality of life for communities and individual families.

“It is clear from recent community feedback to the Council and Police and Crime Commissioner that York residents want their public services to prioritise tackling anti-social behaviour.

“The proposed joint approach seeks to ensure the city has an effective and efficient response to the needs of the community as outlined in both the Police and Crime Plan and City of York Council strategy.
“The types of anti-social behaviour being experienced by communities are wide ranging and affect not only individual victims but also whole communities and the environment.”


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