Jaw-dropping images capture team abseiling down York Minster

21 Oct 2020 @ 8.46 pm
| News

These extraordinary pictures show a team abseiling down the front of York Minster today (Wednesday).

They were taken by Duncan Lomax of Ravage Productions – and show the experts from Heritage Stone Access taking a close look at the cathedral’s stonework.

They were inspecting the South Face, including the iconic Rose Window.

Duncan Lomax / Ravage Productions

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Because they are both expert stone workers and specialist rope access workers, they can get up close and personal with historic buildings like the Minster – and no need for scaffolding.

They were checking to see what repair and restoration work might need to be done on this part of the buidling.

Duncan, who is the Minster’s official photographer and who recently opened his own gallery in York, was on hand to capture these remarkable images.