‘It’s just mindless’ – York church gate smashed after being rammed by vehicle

15 Feb 2021 @ 11.58 am
| Crime

The gate of a York church car park has been smashed off its hinges by a vehicle in a ‘mindless’ act over the weekend.

The heavy wooden gate next to Holy Trinity Church in Acaster Malbis was left flattened after being rammed by an unknown vehicle some time on Saturday night (13 February).

Church warden Peter Bolton said he was contacted on Sunday about the damage, and went to inspect the car park.

“It was shattered. It must have been a pretty heavy vehicle – if it had been a normal car, it would have been severely damaged,” he told YorkMix.

“It’s the sort of thing you see in American films when the police ram barriers, or military vehicles are used.”

Hit twice

The tyre tracks that were left

The vehicle then accelerated out of the car park – and judging by what was left behind, Peter thinks it hit the gate again on the way out.

He said the tracks that were left suggested something the size of a car but with wider tyres than standard.

The previous gate was damaged in a similar incident a few years ago.

Peter said: “It’s annoying more than shocking. It creates work and costs money.

“We have got no witnesses, we don’t know who it is. It crossed my mind they were testing for a ram raid.

“None of it makes sense. It’s just mindless. It feels like it was targeted simply because it was there.”

The 14th century church – located across Acaster Lane from the car park – was undamaged.

Peter has reported the incident to police. If you have any information that could help their inquiries, dial 101.