It was the hottest day of the year – but where was York’s hottest spot?

The incredibly sensitive and expensive YorkMix thermal gauge
1 Jul 2015 @ 9.02 pm
| Environment

Temperatures across York soared on Wednesday (July 1). Those weather forecasters reckoned it could be the warmest day for a decade, so we left the comfort of the Mix air conditioned office suite (!) to try to find the hottest spot in town.

Travelling the length and breadth of, er, central York with our suite of sensitive meteorological gauges (and not just a £2 Barnitts thermometer) we clocked temperatures ranging from 30˚C (86˚F) upwards.

But where was the most sweltering place to be in the city? Here’s what we found…

York Minster


york-hottest-day-minster-thermometerThose medieval stone masons knew how to keep cool. It was almost bearable in York Minster, and the temperature only hit 30˚C (86˚F).

St Helen’s Square


york-hottest-day-therm-st-h-sqBack out in the direct sunlight, here our thermometer still barely crawled past a frankly chilly 30˚C (86˚F).

Parliament Street


york-hottest-day-parl-st-thermometerShoppers were sweltering in the unshaded expanses of York’s widest street, where the mercury hit 31˚C (87.8˚F).

Duncombe Place


york-hottest-day-minster-piazza-thermometerIt may have been relatively cool inside the Minster, but outside the sun was cracking the flags at a hearty 32.5˚C (90.5˚F).



york-hottest-day-marygate-thermometerAnyone toiling in the Art Gallery’s new gardens just off Marygate would be feeling the heat. Here it was 33˚C (91.4˚F).

Exhibition Square


york-hottest-day-ex-sq-thermometerIf only the fountain had been working, we could all have cooled off. Temperatures here hit 34˚C (93.2˚F).

Museum Gardens

Photographs: Jack Gevertz
Photographs: Jack Gevertz

york-hottest-day-mg-thermometerFinally it was to the York sunbather’s location of choice, Museum Gardens. And this was true scorcher territory as our thermometer registered 36˚C (96.8˚F).

The gardens were officially York’s hottest spot on the hottest day of the year. Unless you know better…