Is this York’s cheekiest ever street ‘performance’? Money for an empty chair…

Now you see him (or is it her?)
20 May 2018 @ 8.35 pm
| News

We’ve heard of money for old rope. But how about money for an old chair?

This rather cheeky piece of street ‘performance’ appeared on Stonegate this weekend.

It is a seemingly empty chair – with a pair of flip flops on the ground.

But hang about – it’s not empty at all. The notice pinned to the back of the chair says:

The Art Of Invisibility

New installation artwork by Eduardo Eske

On this antique chair is sat a person only perceptive people can see. If you are one of the special ones, take pics / video & upload using #InvisibleArtYork.

£££ Donations welcome.

It goes on to say that the artist is sometimes found in the Pyramid Gallery or Antiques Centre on Stonegate: “visit and try to find him / her. Thank you for supporting Art.”

The chair was positioned outside Berry’s Jewellers at the top end of the street.

From what YorkMix could see not many people had been perceptive enough to see the invisible artist sitting in the chair – judging by the lack of cash in the bucket.

And our research found little evidence of either the artist Eduardo Eske or the hashtag #InvisibleArtYork. Have you seen them?