‘Is the Shambles really that bad?’ The 12 most bizarre questions asked by York tourists this year

Well… is it? Shambles in York. Photograph: YorkMix
13 Nov 2019 @ 9.03 pm
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Tourists, we love ’em. But they do ask some odd things.

And budget hotel chain Travelodge has revealed the most bizarre requests that some of its customers have asked while staying in one of its York hotels in the last 12 months.

Across the company’s six Travelodges across the city, the teams receive thousands of strange requests throughout the year.

Here are 12 of the oddest:

1.Are there any Vikings still living in York?
2.Is the Shambles really that bad?
3.Can you fill my bath with melted York chocolate?
4.Is it safe to go out in York at night with 500 ghosts prowling the streets?
5.Can you get me a walk on part on Emmerdale?
6.Where can we see the grand duke and his 10,000 soldiers?
7.Can you arrange for a horse and carriage to take us to the races?
8.Can you make all the traffic lights in the city centre green so that we can whizz through the traffic?
9.Will the sheriff come and play cowboys and Indians with my children?
10.Can you get me a wedding cake in the design of York cathedral?
11.Can you get a dozen of Roman soldiers to create a sword arch at my wedding?
12.Do you have a number for ghostbusters in case I run into a ghost tonight?

Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed said:

  • Annually we welcome around 19 million customers at our 570 hotels which include six properties in York.

    Our hotel teams receive thousands of interesting requests from business and leisure guests.

    Where possible, our hotel teams will go above and beyond to help customers as they relish a good challenge. However there are some requests beyond their control such as getting a raft of ducks to go to sleep, stopping the traffic on the M5, getting the Northern Lights to make an appearance and getting a herd of sheep as a sleep aid.