‘Is someone trying to bury Uber’s law breaking?’ Angry taxi drivers confront council

An Uber car and a York taxi pass each other in the city centre. Photograph: Richard McDougall
27 Jun 2019 @ 6.20 pm
| News, Politics, Transport

Taxi drivers have demanded action from City of York Council over what they say is repeated law-breaking by Uber.

In March the gambling, licensing and regulatory committee recommended that the council prosecute the transport app company for alleged breaches of the law.

At the first meeting of the new council executive, taxi trade representatives asked why there was no sign of this happening, or even being considered.

Wendy Loveday, chair of York Private Hire Association, told councillors:

  • As a trade united, we have spent our own money doing your job for you.

    We have engaged legal professionals and have shown you the exact law that Uber are breaking.

    We have shown you that you have little to fear where Uber claiming any court costs against York is concerned.

    Councillors – what more can we do?

    For a council that was elected on a commitment to listen to residents as well as supporting openness and transparency, you have made a very poor start.

‘We won’t skulk away’

Vice chair of the association Barry Hamer said potential court action against Uber wasn’t on the executive meeting’s agenda or on the forward plan.

“Should we be asking ourselves is someone trying to bury this, and if so, who and why?” he asked

“The trade is not going to skulk away quietly just because the decision to prosecute Uber is not on today’s agenda.

“We expect you to act as any responsible council should and prosecute Uber for breaking the law.”