Interested in a better city? Come and meet TIM in York

Zack Chamberlin-Kidd, who gave the hub its name and came up with the logo too
7 Dec 2013 @ 11.59 am
| Environment
Zack Chamberlin-Kidd, who gave the hub its name and came up with the logo too
Zack Chamberlin-Kidd, who gave the hub its name and came up with the logo too

From today you can meet TIM in York at any time, day or night. You can ask TIM loads of questions and if he doesn’t have the answer he’ll know someone who does.

So who is TIM? The name is short for The Incredible Movement, and TIM in York is the initiative’s brand new digital home, a clever interactive website where York community groups can meet and swap ideas. It is launched today (Saturday, November 7), and all are invited.

The idea behind The Incredible Movement is to create a kinder world which can rise to today’s environmental, social and economic challenges by getting everybody involved. The motto is “fast, fun, cheap and local”. And it’s all about adding up lots of little steps to make a big difference.

Among the group’s involved in the York version are Edible York, York Environment Forum and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

The new website was named by 12-year-old Zack Chamberlin-Kidd, who took the initials of The Incredible Movement to create TIM in York. He also came up with the logo design.

TIM in York’s shared virtual platform for community groupsnow gone live and will be demonstrated in the Art Room at Clements Hall, Nunthorpe Road, York from 2pm to 4pm today, Saturday, December 7.

The drop-in event – which takes the form of a World Café to gather thoughts and generate action – is being run in tandem with Made in York’s Christmas fair, which will be in the main hall from 1.30-5.30pm.

What does the website do?

Produced and designed by Science City York (SCY) the TIM in York digital hub is a dynamic website that allows groups and organisations to promote events, communicate activity and co-ordinate projects.

It features a multi-layered map of the city’s food growing sites, community organisations and other information, a “shop window” for groups, a forum for debate and has a social media aspect that allows users to connect.

The initiative took off after representatives from York Environment Forum, York in Transition, York St John University student union, Edible York and York Timebank came together with RSA Yorkshire and Humberside under the umbrella of The Incredible Movement in York.

Funding was provided by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation following an application on behalf of the project by York in Transition.

Kate Lock, who is part of TIM’s mapping and communications steering group, said the virtual hub has long been a goal for grassroots groups.

“With great serendipity, the RSA decided to make York one of four cities in the region in which to spearhead the Incredible Movement, and with the energy and passion brought in by RSA Fellow Imelda Havers the whole thing came together,” she said.

Imelda said: “The creation of the TIM hub has been fantastic. With Zack’s clever ideas and many more from all ages and parts of the community, we’ve got something really exciting and fresh as a virtual platform for all the networks across the city.

“Now we’re looking to build up a momentum of real activity which will make a difference to people’s lives. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating – the hub will only work if everyone gets involved and helps make things happen.”

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