Inside York’s magical new shop – complete with a secret room…

Some of the weird and wonderful products in The Potions Cauldron. Photographs: Richard McDougall
28 Oct 2018 @ 4.09 pm
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Something mysterious and magical has happened on Shambles.

A new shop has appeared from nowhere selling the most fantastical enchantments.

The Potions Cauldron is the only place where you can buy Unicorn Innocence soap, Elixir of Love Magic Mist spray, Flask of Gripper Cure bath crystals, or Dragon’s Breath Potion.

And if you purchase any of these unique gifts, it grants you access to a secret room…

Invisibility potion

The Potions Cauldron is found at 9¾ Shambles, where Cuffs & Co used to be. It’s certainly a fitting addition to what is fast becoming known as York’s Harry Potter street, aka the real Diagon Alley.

Now Cuffs & Co has moved to Goodramgate, owner Phil Pinder decided to create something very different in the vacant Shambles shop.

And he made an amazing discovery… In the 14th century the shop belonged to Phileas Fry who sold elixirs to the people of the city, having learned how to make them from a mysterious French witch.

(Or so he tells us.)

Inside the Potion’s Cauldron

There are some quite extraordinary sights

Fancy a drop of Dragons Breath?

So the new shop sells potions which – if you happen to be a wizard – give you amazing extra powers.

Like Serpents Venom Poison which can grant wizards immortality. Or for muggles, it’s just a refreshing lemon drink.

Alternatively you could try a Invisibility Potion Magic Mist (£1.49). To most of us, it looks like an empty bottle, but the label promises it has “the power to make wizards disappear… Ingredients: 80% magic, 15% belief and 5% faith”.

Other magic mists include the Elixir Of Love (the first person to sniff it will fall in love with the nearest wizard) and one for an Endless Holiday.

An experience store

Phil Pinder. (Or is it Phileas Fry reincarnated?)
Phil said this was a new style of shop.

  • Retail, we keep getting told, is dead in its current form. It’s all about the experience.

    And hopefully that’s what we’ve done here, we’ve created a bit of an experience store.

The secret door, which leads to…
…all sorts of strange things

They can even create your own magic potion, by combining a Phileas phial of flavour with a bottle of sparkling Harrogate spring water.

And if you do buy something, it grants you the right to enter the shop’s secret room. See the video for a sneak preview…