Inside the York Chocolatory, where you can create your own bespoke KitKat

Inside the York Chocolatory, where you can create your own bespoke KitKat
28 Sep 2019 @ 7.34 pm
| Food & drink

Now you can create your very own KitKat right in the heart of its home city.

York’s Chocolate Story has opened its KitKat Chocolatory a luxury experience where you get the chance to create your very own version of the world-famous chocolate bar.

At the heart of KitKat Chocolatory is the eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ option, which offers different flavour combinations and a host of diverse ingredients including shortbread pieces, mini marshmallows, honeycomb and rose petals. You will also have the option to add a personalised message to the packaging.

The eight-finger KitKat will be hand-crafted at the King’s Square attraction by expert chocolatiers where you can watch them work.

It costs £12 for walk-in customers. To add a visit to York’s Chocolate Story costs £17.50 for children and £19.95 for adults.

It also stocks six delicious special edition six-finger KitKat bars.

Thrilled and excited

Made to measure… creating a bespoke KitKat at York’s Chocolate Story. Photograph: Anthony Chappel-Ross
The KitKat was created in York more than 80 years ago, and York’s Chocolate Story is has worked in partnership with Nestlé to bring KitKat Chocolatory to the city.

The experience was developed at Nestle’s York innovations centre.

“We are thrilled to be bringing KitKat Chocolatory to York and excited to be partnering with Nestlé on this new venture,” said Stuart Wood, general manager of York’s Chocolate Story.

The KitKat story began in 1935, when Rowntree’s marketing manager George Harris was inspired to create a new type of product when a factory worker left a note in the company suggestion box: why not make something to eat in a “packup”?

The new attraction at York’s Chocolate Story

A chocolatier at work

The York Chocolatory team

Harris set to work, making a simple treat that appealed to everybody, was snack-sized and easily affordable.Thus, the KitKat was born.

From humble beginnings in York, the KitKat has gone on to be a dominating force in the world of confectionery.

Globally, a mind blowing 17.6 billion fingers are produced every year. In 2010, KitKat® was certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s most global brand and in 2014 was named Time Magazine’s most influential confectionery bar of all time.