Inside the new York café where you can eat unicorn on toast on a swing

24 Nov 2019 @ 8.18 pm
| Food & drink

Plush is one of York’s newest – and quirkiest – cafés.

It opened on Stonegate at the end of last month, a little later than expected – as work had to be put on hold due to the early arrival of owner Jaydene Halliday’s daughter.

Alongside Jaydene, her sister Keegan and brother Kyle have created this unique café which is unlike anything else in the city centre.

Keegan said it is a true family affair. “My brother is a sailor and was back home from being away at sea over the summer period and that was when we started building the café.”

Housed in what was previously the Cheese And Wine Emporium, Plush was built from scratch.

Jaydene worked throughout her pregnancy to make the venue come to life and her sister emphasised “I don’t know how she carried on but she was pushing through the entire time as she wanted to be a part of all of this.”

Unicorn toast

Flamin-go see Plush on Stonegate
There are three rooms in the café, each with its own vibe. “The neon room is designed to be very art deco and over the top, whereas the garden room is inspired by an outdoor Victorian garden which is very Instagrammable,” said Keegan.

“And the bohemian room is very comfy and lavish.”

You can even rock while you have a roll, thanks to swing seats. And everywhere there are the spirit animals of Plush – flamingoes.

The menu includes speciality lattes, smoothie bowls and their popular unicorn toast which is a dream for people with a sweet tooth. Alongside this there are also savoury options such as open sandwiches and toasties.

There are also vegan and gluten free options. Keegan said:

  • We wanted to include everyone. When we were first trying out the cakes, we sampled the gluten-free vegan crazy carrot cake and it was incredible!

    It’s one of our most popular. Everyone loves it even if they’re not vegan or following a gluten-free diet.

This modern and quirky café also has a boutique home area which sells gifts such as mugs, teapots and mirrors.