Inclusivity, creativity and self-expression – an LGBTQ mental health performance night

The previous Queer Space event at Dusk
8 Apr 2018 @ 5.32 pm
| Entertainment, Health

It isn’t a secret that there isn’t much queer nightlife in York, with there being no specific LGBTQ venues.

This forces the community to create their own nights and own spaces. Queer Space is one of those nights.

Created by York Queer Women & Gender Group (QWGG), it is a queer mental health performance and club night. The aim is to allow queer people a safe and inclusive space to express themselves in a supportive environment.

The next Queer Space event is on Friday May 11 at the Fulford Arms.

Queer Space allows anyone from the LGBTQIA+ community to perform, and allows anyone (as long as they are respectful) to attend the event. There is a particular focus on making sure it provides a trans inclusive space.

It does not cost a set amount to attend, but we do ask for donations on the door (which go to LGBT causes).

Great success

The craft stall from the last Queer Space event

The previous Queer Space event was a great success, filling the top floor of Dusk and allowing a space for 15 queer acts to perform.

Crafts and zines were created by QWGG to sell on the night and donations were collected, which raised just over £200 for the charities Action for Trans Health and York Mind.

Local queer businesses featured on stalls where they sold their own products, and local support service leaflets were spread across a table for people to collect. The room was decorated with space themed decorations (also made by QWGG).

The fact it was so busy, and such great feedback was collected via a questionnaire afterwards highlights a huge need for such nights.

One attendee (who wishes to remain anonymous) said:

Queer Space was a wonderful, inclusive and fun event giving a voice to queer people. The atmosphere was really supportive and I felt completely comfortable and accepted.

Full line-up

The decorations at the first event
Queer Space 2.0

The Fulford Arms

Fri May 11 @ 7.30pm-late

More details

This time there are three local queer businesses selling on the night (poetry pamphlets, T-shirts and enamel pins). QWGG have made crafts to fundraise again and there are 14 acts due to perform – a full line up.

These acts include spoken word, comedy, musicians and a DJ.

This time Queer Space are fundraising for the York LGBT Youth Group. The committee are excited to be holding it at the Fulford Arms, having listened to feedback from the last event that people wanted a more accessible venue.

Keep up to date with future Queer Space events and other events run by York QWGG (who run twice a month peer support groups for queer women, non-binary, trans and gender nonconforming people in York) here.