‘I name this boat… Davygate’

Liz Whittaker names the new boat. Photographs: Graham Dann
10 Nov 2016 @ 1.43 pm
| Sport

Meet a sleek new addition to York’s river traffic – a boat with a very streetwise name.

York City Rowing Club’s new boat was officially named Davygate by Liz Whittaker of Halifax/Lloyds Bank, after the purchase of the boat was made possible by the bank’s generous donation.

The two-man boat was given the name at the bank’s suggestion, as they have a branch on the street. York City Rowing Club traditionally name their double sculls after the gates and streets of York.

The boat will be used by the junior squad members of the club at local and national competitions and will help them to perform at the highest level possible.

Top quality

Ready to rock and row
Ready to rock and row

Club captain Sean Potter said: “It’s great to see the youngest members of the club rewarded with top quality racing equipment like this.

“Thanks to the generous sponsorship we can now look forward to seeing this new boat on the water both on the Ouse and at events across the country”.

The next event run by York City Rowing Club is on Sunday 20th November with 400 crews racing in 3 divisions at 10am, 12.15pm and 2.30pm between Fulford Landing and King’s Staith.