‘I dreamt I was an iPod’: Yorkshire’s weirdest dreams revealed

Visionaries: Gary Winters and Claire Hind
13 Nov 2013 @ 7.21 am
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Visionaries: Gary Winters and Claire Hind
Visionaries: Gary Winters and Claire Hind

To prepare for their show Dream Yards at York Theatre Royal, Gary Winters and Claire Hind staged a series of drop-in events where people from Yorkshire could share their dreams.

“We invited the public to donate the images and written descriptions of their dreams,” Claire said.

“By dreams we mean the ones that wake you up in the middle of the night or disappear in an instant in the morning; those ones that really get to you and make you feel a bit strange for the rest of the day or for years to follow, the ones that mean nothing, or those dreams where you prance around.”

From this research, they created Dream Yards, a unique show were the two performers share dream stories through a medley of iconic and endearing characters. Part talk show, part neuro-psychoanalyst’s couch, it charts a journey through the nightly stages of sleep that lead us deep into the desires of our subconscious.

We asked Claire and Gary to share some of Yorkshire’s strangest dreams…

“I am an 80 year old woman and I’m walking in a forest shouting ‘help, where am I?'”

“I dreamt that I opened a café with my friend and we called it Me and Mrs Fisher (this dream came true).”

“I am driving on a never-ending, long and dusty highway.”

“I’m a 7 year old girl on a school trip to Yo! Sushi.”

“I am male aged 56 and I can breathe under the sea.”

“I am male aged 42 and Stephen Fry is about to be executed but he throws pigs guts on the floor to fake his own death.”

“I dreamt that I was an iPod.”

  • Dream Yards by Gary Winters and Claire Hind is at York Theatre Royal, on Tuesday, November 19
  • More details here