Huntington School records another great set of GCSE results

22 Aug 2019 @ 2.58 pm
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Huntington School in York
Here’s the GCSE news from Huntington School – and what a day!

English & Maths combined 4+: 79%
English 4+: 85%
Maths 4+: 81%
Ebacc grade 4+: 42%

English & Maths combined 5+: 56%
English 5+: 74%
Maths 5+: 60%
Ebacc grade 5+: 28%
Ebacc Average Points Score: 4.91

Leah Beamish: One distinction, one A*, four 9s, four 8s and a 6.
Emily Brookes: Four 9s, four 8s and two 7s.
Chris Edmunds: Three 9s, three 8s, three 7s and an A*.
Freya Gibbon: Eleven 9s and an A^
Emma Lack: Three 9s, four 8s, two 7s, an A* and a distinction.
Emily Mould: Six 9s, three 8s, two 7s and an A.
Jeremy Muluka: Three 9s, four 8s, two 5s and an A*.
Lydia Noble: Two 9s, eight 8s, one 7 and a B.
Isobel Powell: Six 9s, four 8s and a B.
Ciara Watt: Nine 9s, one 7 and one C.

Headteacher John Tomsett said:

  • Our students and staff have combined their efforts to produce another great set of GCSE examination results. The test of a great school is to produce consistently good results, year-in, year-out – no shocks, no surprises, just consistently excellent – and that is what we do at Huntington.

    At the heart of our success is our Research School, which helps us focus upon improving the quality of teaching at Huntington.

    Being a Research School means we have access to the very best global research on teaching and learning and that means that what we do in the classroom is based on the best evidence in the world.

    We do the right thing and everyone works hard – it is as simple and as complicated as that.

    I must mention Freya Gibbon. Last year 81 students across the country attained grade 9s in eleven or more GCSES.

    This year, Freya managed eleven grade 9s and an A Distinction grade in Further Mathematics. Her performance is quite extraordinary – and not only has she attained those remarkable results, she embodies our core values of respect, honesty and kindness.