Hull York Medical School Professor wins prestigious award

16 Sep 2013 @ 2.46 pm
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Issued by York University

Hull York Medical School’s (HYMS) Chair of Anatomy Professor Paul O’Higgins has won an international award for excellence.

Professor O’Higgins, who is also head of the HYMS Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, is the 2013 recipient of the Rohlf Medal for Excellence in Morphometrics.

Morphometrics concerns the measurement of the form of organisms, or of their parts, and has wide application in the biological and biomedical sciences, including evolutionary biology, population biology, physical anthropology, imaging and medicine.

The award recognises that Professor O’Higgins has expanded the boundaries of morphometrics in the context of palaeoanthropology, developing novel approaches for the quantification of biological form and applying them to understand human form, function and evolution.

The Rohlf Medal was established in 2006 by the friends and family of F. James Rohlf, Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Evolution and long-time State University of New York, Stony Brook faculty member, to mark his 70th birthday. The medal is presented every two years.

Professor O’Higgins, who is also a member of PALAEO: Centre for Human Palaeoecology & Evolutionary Origins at the University of York, said: “This is a real honour, and I thank my mentors, colleagues and students for their support and efforts over the years.”

Professor O’Higgins has been an innovator in methods that merge cutting-edge technologies of imaging and biomechanics with statistical methods of shape analysis.

He will be presented with the Rohlf Medal on 24 October at Stony Brook University, USA, when he will give a lecture entitled The measure of things: pattern, process and morphometry outlining his contributions to the field.


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