Huge apartment block in York gets even bigger

An artist’s impression of apartment block D at Hungate, York. Image: Planning documents

Revised plans for a new apartment block in the Hungate development will see 10 more flats added to the scheme, the basement car park removed from the design and a ‘box’ on the top floor double in size.

A report prepared for a council meeting says the number of apartments in Block D of the development would increase from 186 to 196 “in response to market demand”.

And, rather than building a basement car park, residents would use extra spaces in the multi-storey car park on the site.

But Guildhall planning panel says getting rid of the car park means people will park on surrounding streets, adding:

  • The root cause of the non-sale of the spaces is the price, rather than the lack of demand.

    Residents who cannot afford these spaces are therefore parking outside the estate.

However planning officers say people cannot park nearby because of parking permit zones and that there are very few on-street spaces.

They add that, although the larger seventh floor extension can be seen from the street and St Johns Square, it mainly impacts on the views from streets that are part of Hungate and it is therefore acceptable.

Planning permission was originally granted for the apartment block in April 2017.