How York City FC can secure promotion this season

27 Oct 2019 @ 4.32 pm
| Sport

Steve Watson has set his sights firmly on promotion this season and according to the bookies, York City are the favourites to win the National League North title this season according to infogol.

On paper, it’s been a successful year for the team and since their defeat to Leeds United in the pre-season fixture, they’ve gone on to win six games in a row. Despite being in higher divisions, York City have beaten Bolton Wanderers, Notts County and Hartlepool United, among others, and they’ve proven they have what it takes. But what can the team do to secure a promotion this season?

Positive Signings

York have made several promising signings which will play a significant role in their success. Striker Dan Maguire joined the team after scoring 25 goals for fellow National League North side Blythe Spartans last season, and Kieran Green also made the switch from Blyth after contributing seven goals from midfield.

York also have the signature of midfielder Paddy McLaughlin who moved from Hartlepool, along with the experience and talent of Steve McNulty and Andy Bond. York have a strong team on their side and with promotion-winning experience on their side, they have everything they need to achieve their ambition.

A Confident Team

Watson has been reported as stating that everyone in the team is raring to go and there’s a strong confidence in the group that will be instrumental in their success. But striker Jordan Burrow has warned that complacency could be their worst enemy at this stage – the main thing the team needs to remember is that they made a strong start but that they need to keep their standards high and continue to improve, rather than become content and lazy.

As the team are aware, things can quickly turn sour if everyone is pulling in different directions and aiming for personal targets, so it’s vital that they work together to get the team where it needs to be. Midfielder Adriano Moke stated that he believes the way the team can get promotion is through performing the best he and the other midfielders in the team can. He claimed that not only would it provide a personal reward of saying they’re the best in the league for that season but also that the team will gain the success they’ve been striving for.

The Support of Fans

York City has one of the larger fanbases of clubs in the campaign and, as such, they also have a lot of expectations resting on them. Steve McNulty reached out to fans to support the team and back the ambitions of the players and Watson. But Watson insists that having plenty of support doesn’t entitle York to rest on their laurels, claiming that as previous seasons have shown, being a bigger club doesn’t entitle them to win anything and sacrifices still have to be made as a team.

The team have a great mix of youth and experience on their side and if they can utilise it correctly, they’re sure to see success as a result.