How to get help to heat your home this winter

8 Feb 2021 @ 12.55 pm
| Community news

More than 24,000 households in North Yorkshire are living in fuel poverty.

All kinds of people from all walks of life are living in a home they won’t be able to afford to heat adequately over the winter period.

Switching to a new energy supplier is one of many ways they can turn this situation around. And in doing so, households can save an average of £200 a year.

But many people find this process daunting; They don’t know how to do it or where to start.

That’s one of the reasons the Warm & Well in North Yorkshire service exists. It’s a helpline anyone in the region can call to make steps to reduce their energy bills to ensure their home is warm and cosy over this cold winter period.

Energy saving advice and practical tips are given over the phone, but Warm & Well also have a team of energy saving experts who can go through all the steps they need to switch suppliers and start saving money.

And the service is totally free, and very friendly.

People who have used the service in the past have called it a ‘life saver’ and expressed how grateful they are to be back in control of their circumstances and be warm in their own home again.

If you are struggling with keeping your home warm this winter due to money worries, call 01609 767555, or see the website.