Hotter than Benidorm! York to swelter in heatwave

St William's College, York, in the sunshine. Photograph: YorkMix
17 Jul 2016 @ 6.11 pm
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If you thought it was hot already, brace yourself.

Temperatures hit 23˚C (73˚F) in York on Sunday but that’s only the start.

Forecasters are predicting that temperatures are going to keep on rising, reaching 26˚C (79˚F) on Monday – and a sweltering 30˚C (86˚F) on Tuesday.

And it might be a night when you sleep with the covers off as the temperature is only predicted to drop to a nighttime low of 18˚C (64˚).

That would certainly be the hottest day of the year so far in York. And it could make our northern English city hotter than both Ibiza and Benidorm, currently predicted to hit 29˚C on Tuesday.

The York forecast from the Weather Channel
The York forecast from the Weather Channel

After that temperatures are set to return to 26˚C on Wednesday with a relatively cool 21˚C at the end of the week, with the possibility of showers.

According to the records taken by the University of York weather station, the previous hottest day of 2016 was back on June 7, when the mercury hit 24.9˚C.