Hot tub for hire! York trio’s new business brings bubbles to your door

You could re-enact this scene from the movie Hot Tub Time Machine…
16 Jun 2015 @ 7.34 pm
| Business

Ever wish you could slide into a hot tub with a few friends – but can’t afford to splash out on one of your own?

Well three young entrepreneurs are ready to make your dream come true, as they launch York’s first hot tub rental service.

Hello Hot Tubs is a new business which brings the bubbles to you.

It is the idea of aptly-named Jack Spring and his friends Bevan Hollingworth and Joe Edwards.

The service will launch on Thursday (June 18) with two tubs capable of fitting six people each – or “eight at a squeeze”. They have plans to purchase further tubs which can hold a maximum of eight people each.

The inflatable hot tubs will be delivered to customers on 9am of the day of purchase and picked up the next morning at the same time unless it is booked for longer.

Ten minute set up

Each tub costs £50 a night, plus a £50 refundable deposit.

On site the tub is inflated by the staff and filled with 880 litres of water, then switched on. By evening time they are piping hot.

Jack said people will be able to book on the Hello Hot Tubs website.

He said:

We deliver anywhere in York or surrounding villages. If it’s incredibly far we may charge a small fee for delivery but that’s rare.

Delivery works by one of us coming out with it, inflating it and setting it up in ten minutes.

We start the filling process and filtration systems and the customer turns off the hose once done. The next day we come again, pump out the water down the drain and pack it all away.

Jack explained that the business has further plans to extend to other cities across the UK, including Leeds and Bristol. “Should be there within six to nine months,” he said.

The trio behind Hello Hot Tubs are all York University students.

Jack is studying TV and production, and is already successful as an international multi award-winning film director. Bevan and Joe are both maths students.