Here’s what we can expect from the York TV channel when it goes on air

15 May 2014 @ 12.31 pm
| Business

A documentary about the former Terry’s chocolate factory has been released as the new York TV Channel takes its next step towards broadcasting reality.

In the film, former worker Mike Grimes takes viewers on a tour of the disused factory to tell the story of a company which thrived in York for 250 years before being closed in 2005.

It is a sample of the future programmes the City of York Council-backed TV channel is planning to broadcast from spring 2015.

These will include news, music, business, drama and shopping series.

You can read an “indicative schedule” for the channel’s planned daily output here (PDF).

Name the station

At the moment it’s known as The York Channel. Which, after all, says what it does on the tin.

But the consortium behind the bid would like something new – could you dream up a better name?

If so you could win £1,000 and “and the opportunity to work with our creative team to bring the brand to life”.

“Taking our brand values of creative, original, inspirational, ambitious, contemporary and fun, dream up ideas for the name of the channel,” the website explains.

“It needs to be able to summarise our proposition and relevance to York in an instant, whilst offering something fresh to television.”

Got an idea? Go here to enter the competition.