Here’s how many trips people have taken on e-scooters so far – and how many people have been banned

Nearly 1,000 trips have been taken by electric scooter in York in the first week of a trial rental scheme.

And two people were banned in the first seven days – for riding irresponsibly in Piccadilly.

Residents have contacted Tier, the company that runs the new e-scooters, with worries about people riding them in the Coppergate Centre, the lights on the scooters and use on pavements.

In response, changes have already been made in a bid to improve the scheme.

Fred Jones from Tier said: “We are delighted with the positive response to Tier e-scooters in York and our priority remains ensuring this new mode of transport is deployed safely and with care.

“Feedback from the public has helped us to correct any early issues swiftly, such as changing where e-scooters can be ridden at the Coppergate Centre and adjusting e-scooter lights.”

The trial launched with just 40 scooters – placed around the city centre and at the University of York – and a handful of routes.

But nearly 1,000 trips have been taken and a spokesperson said the majority of enquiries have been about e-scooters slowing down when they leave the trial area. The app has been updated to make the zone clearer.

New signs and free rides

Easy rider… The Tier e-scooters launched this month. Photograph: David Dunning

Tier has also changed geo fencing settings to ban the scooters from Coppergate Centre, adjusted the angle of lights on all scooters to avoid glare and blocked two riders who were caught “wilfully riding irresponsibly” by the Tier team.

The number of staff on the pavement and patrol team has been doubled, the company says, and new signs will be installed at parking spots to tell people how to ride safely.

Scooter users will also be offered free rides if they complete training online or in the app that teaches people to use the vehicles responsibly.

A spokesperson for City of York Council says the local authority has received no complaints about the scooters.

Anyone with concerns can email [email protected] and quote the ‘number plate’ found on the back of every scooter.

Riders need at least a provisional licence to hire a scooter – and can get six points and a fine for breaking the rules.