‘He was such a cool guy!’ How Liam Gallagher charmed Stef and her ‘epic’ baby

5 Aug 2019 @ 8.45 pm
| Entertainment

He may be known as one of the hard men of rock’n’roll but it seems Liam Gallagher charmed everyone he met while visiting York.

After YorkMix revealed how Liam Gallagher had spent the day in York on Sunday, Stef Blair revealed her own encounter with the Oasis frontman and solo singer.

She had taken her baby son Camden swimming at the Principal York before meeting friends Shane and Callum in Thor’s Tipi in the hotel grounds for a drink.

Stef told YorkMix: “When I went in Liam was sitting with his kids Molly and Lennon, girlfriend Debbie, a friend and a security guard. I honestly didn’t think much of it at all until I sat down beside them with Camden.”

She added:

  • I could see people staring at him and getting giddy! When I finally clocked on that it was Liam I was immediately star struck and knew I had to go over.

    I’m not joking you when I say that he was such a cool guy. Having drinks, super chill, and willing to take pics with everyone without hesitation.

The coolest experience

Liam and Stef with Shane and Callum
Stef is from Canada and Liam told her he loved the country and is going there to play soon.

“He repeatedly told me that my sons name was epic and ‘class’ and that he would’ve held him but was afraid he mighty drop him!” she said.

Liam was looking for somewhere to watch his beloved Manchester City take on Liverpool in the Community Shield at Wembley.

Stef and her wife own Thomas’s of York on Museum Street. She suggested he watch the game there in a private room with drinks on the house, but his security guard said they had already agreed to go to The Windmill on Blossom Street.

Liam was happy to pose for a selfie – Stef added:

  • He laughed and joked with us all and kept touching Camden’s pram. He kept saying my little boy was a proper lad with his cap on and Molly and Debbie were besotted with how cute he was.

    It was honestly the coolest experience and Liam is an absolute legend. Such a nice guy and totally made our day!