‘Harry Styles ripped us off!’ York pop royalty Shed Seven burn One Direction star

Harry Styles on the Graham Norton Show. Photograph: BBC / YouTube
30 Apr 2017 @ 5.57 pm
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Shed Seven have been around the music block, so they can spot a whipper-snapper pop star trying to pull a fast one.

So lead singer Rick Witter has called out Harry Styles for his, ahem, ‘homage’ to part of the Shed’s back catalogue.

The one-time One Direction singer has a debut solo album out called, well, Harry Styles.

And the lack of originality extends to the cover design too.

“When I first saw it I genuinely thought: ‘Are you ripping us off?’” Rick told the Mirror.

“It’s very close to the mark.”

Double take

When you see what Rick is talking about, you have to admit he has a point. This is the cover of the Harry Styles album:

And this is the cover of the Shed Seven single Ocean Pie, released in 1994:

So what did Rick do about this artistic copy-cattery? Shove his face in a freshly-cooked Ocean Pie? Challenge him to a fight outside the former Early Learning Centre?

No, Rick may still be a formidable rock’n’roller but he’s mellowed.

“It’s a nice compliment. They really do say imitation is the biggest form of flattery,” he said.

“I saw him on Graham Norton trying to be all indie. Good luck to the lad.”

Get some tips

This is how you do it Harry… Rick fronting Shed Seven at Fibbers last year. Photograph: Richard McDougall

And he’s a canny one. After all the Sheds have their own tour to promote, and a new album in the offing too.

He told the paper:

I’m not going to get lawyers involved…If he keeps our name alive then fair game to him.

He can come and see us on tour and get as many tips as he likes on being rock and roll.