Happy Yorkshire Day! New range of cards by York artists say it all…

The Oh My! Designs card
29 Jul 2019 @ 10.13 pm
| Business

What’s the best way to say Happy Yorkshire Day?

With cards from local artists Do You Punctuate?, Memelou and Oh My! Designs, specially designed to celebrate Yorkshire Day (1 August) and the Yorkshire dialect.

They are all on at thortful.com.

Thortful is a creative platform supporting a community of artists, illustrators and photographers who create and sell unique greeting cards most of which you won’t find on the high street.

Creators are payed a royalty every time one of their cards is purchased, and don’t incur any printing or production costs as that’s all done by thortful.

Sarah Pearce, head of marketing at thortful.com, said:

  • Yorkshire has arguably the most iconic and recognisable dialect throughout the entire UK.

    At thortful we love the quirkiness of the phrases used and are delighted to offer our customers the chance to send greeting cards which celebrate everything that Yorkshire has to offer.

There are also cards for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and more. Here’s a few selections.