Guitars and glitches: 65daysofstatic bring their singular sound to York

Guitars and glitches: 65daysofstatic
27 Mar 2014 @ 8.56 pm
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Guitars and glitches: 65daysofstatic
Guitars and glitches: 65daysofstatic

Hard on the heels of a two-set show at 1,500 capacity Koko in London, Sheffield band 65daysofstatic bring their uplifting energy to Fibbers on Sunday (March 30).

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the band’s debut album The Fall Of Math, and they played the album in its entirety at Koko on Thursday night.

The band say they wrote the record “entirely by mistake in an obscure room in the North of England, usually in the evening after finishing whatever day jobs we were holding down”.

At the time they “watched in horror as the US invaded Iraq, aided by our own morally destitute government and seemingly for completely fabricated reasons.

“A month later, we went into the studio to record the music that would become The Fall of Math aided by the kindness of Monotreme Records, the label that helped to build 65dos from the ground up into a viable commodity fit for digestion in the public sphere.

“While not exactly a global smash, The Fall of Math was met with some excitement by a number of people we had never dreamed of, and threw us into a world of very hard touring and recording for the foreseeable future.”

Described by The Guardian as “perhaps the only band around to make Muse sound comparatively restrained”, 65dos have supported The Cure and played in Japan, Australia and the US.

The band’s sound, according to label Monotreme Records, combines “wide-open sounds, melding seamless guitar shapes with ferocious drum ‘n’ bass styled beats, live drums” and computer glitches.

Judge for yourself at Fibbers on Sunday.