Going solo has become the hottest travel trend

Going it alone… Photograph: JeShoots on Unsplash
8 Oct 2018 @ 10.07 am
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Travelling has always been equated with breaking free but there is a new trend on the rise – travelling solo!

It is not any gimmick cooked up by the travel companies to get more customers, but the truth is grounded in statistics.

The baby boomer generation that is nearing retirement is one of the top solo travellers with 40% of them already traveled alone.

Around one in four people expressed the willingness to travel alone in 2018, according to survey by Booking.com.

Google search trends also indicated a 40% rise in searches related to travelling solo.

Another survey by Booking.com revealed that 72% American women had taken solo journeys in 2014.

Going solo is the new travel trend, and one we believe that is going to stay for a long time.

travelling solo is definitely on the rise and both baby boomers and millennials are going international in their solo travels. People are increasingly backpacking solo and travelling to far off regions like India to explore the Himalayas.

The perks of travelling solo

Travelling solo brings many benefits though you sometimes may miss the company of close friends.

Another drawback is you always end up spending more as there is no one to split the costs with. But that being said, solo travels bring you a completely new experience where you can connect with the place and its people on a more personal level.

When you are travelling alone you don’t have to go by anyone else’s moods or whims. You can rise up at 4am to catch the train or take it easy and laze as long as you want- there is no one to stop you.

travelling alone also lets you mingle with the local people and experience their culture from close hands. You can stay in home stays and enjoy time with the family knowing about the local place and its history.

You are also more likely to meet new people and make friends on your solo trips.

People find you more approachable when you are alone and it opens up the opportunity for a great conversation. You may try living in dorms which also saves your money and gives you the chance to meet fellow travellers.

It has also been found that solo travellers are more frequent travellers with 43% among them taking three or more trips in a single year.

Maybe it can be said that people with wanderlust become solo travellers and they always are on the lookout for the opportunity to go on another journey off the beaten road.

Are you going on your holiday yet?

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to go to a new place or one that you have already visited before. travelling solo has its own charm.

You get to know yourself better. You get to interact with more people. And you get to see the world in a new light. In any case, it is one of the more enlightening experiences.

Are you ready to go on a solo travel yet?