Godzilla vs. Kong star is filming a new movie in York – pictures

30 May 2019 @ 6.07 pm
| Entertainment

Japanese actor Shun Oguri, who will star in the new Hollywood blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong, is filming in York.

The movie star and hearthrob was shooting scenes for his latest movie on the city walls today.

A section of the walls between the Station War Memorial and Micklegate Bar was closed off to the public from 3pm to 7pm as scenes were shot there.

It takes quite a few people to make a movie…
It’s a crime drama with Shun Oguri starring as a newspaper reporter

Oguri could be seen striding around in his inspector’s trench coat with another actor, as a large film crew captured it all.

Sirens from the road below and noise from the nearby Hudson Quarter building site caused some breaks in the shooting.

The footage was checked on monitors located under a gazebo next to the Station War Memorial.

The Voice Of Sin

Shun Oguri signs an autograph for a fan in York. Photograph: Weibo / Ogurin News
The film is called The Voice Of Sin in English, and is based on the award-winning novel Tsumi no Koe by Takeshi Shiota.

Oguri plays Eiji Akutsu, a newspaper reporter working on an unsolved case from 30 years ago. The case involves extortion, gangsters, and mysterious cassette tapes.

Starring alongside Oguri is singer and actor Gen Hoshino, playing Toshiya Sone, who discovers one of the cassettes in his father’s belongings.

Preparing for a take. Photograph: Weibo / Ogurin News

The star on location. Photograph: Weibo / Ogurin News

A section of the walls was closed off to the public

The film crew were anxious to keep details about the film and Oguri’s identity quiet, and didn’t want to talk to the media.

But they did let slip that the movie starred one of Japan’s biggest stars.

Oguri and the film crew have also been seen near the Minster, in the Museum Gardens, along the Ouse, and at the Volunteer Arms pub on Watson Street off Holgate Road.

Filming is expected to continue throughout the week.

Godzilla vs Kong stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall and Brian Tyree Henry as well as Shun Oguri, and is due to be released next year.

The star is huge in Japan
Waiting for a quieter moment for a take
A section of the walls was closed to visitors for a few hours
The monitors were next to the war memorial
Technicians further along the walls