A giant white rabbit was wandering round York today. Here’s why

The rabbit – aka Spike Mclarrity – at York Explore. Photographs: Jacey Lamerton
22 Aug 2017 @ 9.33 pm
| News

It isn’t the first of the month, and yet a giant white rabbit was wandering round the city today (Tuesday).

The bunny, who wore a wistful expression along with a very colourful scarf and waistcoat, was spotted in York Explore and outside York Minster among other places.

In fact it wasn’t a real rabbit at all. But performance artist Spike Mclarrity dressed up as his alter ego, the White Rabbit.

A Roman emperor and a rabbit

He’s a performance artist from Barnes in Greater London who has enjoyed a lot of media coverage for donning the outfit on the first of each month and waving to commuters.

He came to York as the penultimate stop on his A1 tour of the UK. And people were pleased he did – the rabbit was a big hit, with lots of people in York stopping him for a selfie.

On his website, Spike explains…

I was only going to do it for 12 months, but people seem to appreciate it – it brightens their day.

I have a Masters in performance and visual art and studied a BA in Fine Art at Kingston University. As a live art durational performance artist, everything I do is fluid – it doesn’t have a beginning or end.

I just see where being White Rabbit takes me.