Giant chocolate bar unwrapped in York – only 140,000 calories…

Get your teeth round this… the York Dungeon chocolate bar. Photograph: Richard McDougall
25 Mar 2015 @ 2.29 pm
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It’s as big as a double bed, but a whole lot nicer to eat.

York Dungeon unveiled a giant chocolate billboard on Wednesday (March 25) to the awe of chocaholics everywhere.

Measuring 6ft by 7ft, the edible advertisement is covered with 250 Thorntons Fabulous Fudge and Special Toffee chocolate bars.

That is fully 26kg of chocolate, adding up to 140,000 calories – enough to keep you going for seven days.

Visitors to the dungeon will be able to taste it for themselves. If they’re quick.

Within a few hours of its launch people had demolished a quarter of the bar.

The billboard is to advertise the Dungeon’s Death By Chocolate Easter special, explained manager Helen Douglas…

“York has strong links with the chocolate industry and we were excited to draw on this inspiration for our latest attraction.

“People couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted the billboard – and couldn’t believe their luck when they were invited to get stuck in for free!”

Assortment of rascals

Warning: you can't eat this between meals without ruining your appetite
Warning: you can’t eat this between meals without ruining your appetite. Featuring Emma Falcao-MacFadyen and Michael Mortimer
Have you got a strawberry cream? Photograph: York Dungeon / Chris Gloag
Have you got a strawberry cream? Photograph: York Dungeon / Chris Gloag

A pop-up Victorian Sweet Shop and its sickly owner will greet visitors to the Dungeon over Easter.

York Dungeon, 12 Clifford Street, York

Sat Mar 28-Sun Apr 12


York Dungeon website

With jars of tempting sweets on offer you might think you’re in for a treat. But be careful – one false bite and you might come over all curly-wurly…

“History has revealed tales of shop keepers and sweet sellers in the late 1800s using sweet tasting treats to poison their victims,” Helen said.

“In fact, Mary Ann Cotton, one of the most notorious sweet poisoners in history, had links with York. She was believed to have murdered up to 21 people, mainly by arsenic poisoning.”

Suddenly that peanut butter Chunky KitKat isn’t so alluring…