Genius! Thanks to York pioneers you can now create your own KitKat from 1,500 different flavours

It's time to pimp your KitKat
23 Sep 2019 @ 8.04 am
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York confectionery pioneers are bringing the customisable chocolate bar to the UK.

It means you will soon be able to create your very own KitKat from a combination of 1,500 flavour combinations.

Nestle today announced the launch of the KitKat Chocolatory. There are two versions – online and in shops.

The online version, launching in November, will allow people to ‘create their own break’. They will be able to order a handcrafted eight-finger KitKat customised from nearly 1,500 flavour combinations.

Choosing from four different chocolate varieties – milk, dark, white and ruby – they will be able to include a host of diverse ingredients including shortbread pieces, salted caramel chunks, honeycomb and rose petals.

The KitKat Chocolatory will also be available in 30 John Lewis & Partners shops across the UK and at York’s Chocolate Story later this week.

Here you will be able to browse and buy from a range of special edition bars with flavours including cherry bakewell, gin and tonic and lemon posset.

Incredibly excited

What flavours will you choose?
All of the new KitKat Chocolatory products have been developed by expert confectioners in-house at Nestlé in York.

Head of KitKat Chocolatory in the UK Rabia Khan said:

  • We know how much people love the idea of new and exciting KitKat flavours as well as the opportunity to create their own so we are incredibly excited to be announcing KitKat Chocolatory now.

    This has been a huge team effort within Nestlé to change the way we do things and make our very first direct-to-consumer Confectionery offer a reality in the UK.

    I am so proud of the results and hope that people enjoy these products as much as we do.

Every KitKat sold through the Chocolatory is being “individually hand-crafted by expert chocolatiers in the UK”.

The eight-finger ‘Create Your Break’ bars will be made to order based on the choices of shoppers from the range of ingredients available.

Biggest news for 20 years

The Nestlé Product Technology Centre for Confectionery in York. Photograph: Nestlé UK
The Chocolatory’s ‘Create Your Break’ option will be available inside York’s Chocolate Story on King’s Square from this week alongside the full range of ‘Special Editions’.

The KitKat Chocolatory range brings luxury, handcrafted KitKats to the UK – including an online option to create your own bar from a combination of 1,500 flavour combinations.

Rabia added:

  • KitKat is our biggest brand and this is the biggest news for KitKat since the introduction of the KitKat Chunky exactly 20 years ago.

    We know how much people enjoy experimenting with new and exciting KitKat flavours and the KitKat Chocolatory offers a whole new, premium KitKat experience as well as the chance to create your very own personalised break and have it delivered right to your door.

Flavour combinations

Card image cap

Special Editions
Billionaire’s Treasure
Jewels of the East
Springtime in Japan
Whisky & Ginger
Zingtastic Gin & Tonic

Best of British
Eton Mess
Cherry Bakewell
Apple & Rhubarb Crumble
Earl Grey
Blackberry & Elderflower
Lemon Posset
Dandelion & Burdock

Create Your Break
(1 chocolate & 3 ingredients)
Salted Caramel Chunks
Rose Petals
Cocoa Nibs
Toasted Coconut
Dried Raspberry Flakes
Meringue Honeycomb
Mini Marshmallows
Cherry Pieces
Shortbread Pieces
Popping Candy
Chocolate Brownie Crumbs
Pistachio Pieces
Hazelnut Pieces