Funfair prepares to open in York – next door to a cemetery

25 Aug 2020 @ 7.27 pm
| News

A funfair is about to open in York for the Bank Holiday weekend.

And while many have greeted it as a welcome attraction for young people who have struggled through a summer of lockdown, others are unhappy – because it is next to a cemetery.

The Huntington Funfair runs from tomorrow (26 August) through to Monday.

It will operate between 5pm and 9pm, Wednesday to Friday, 1pm to 9pm Saturday and Monday, and 1pm to 8pm on Sunday.

The fair is in the next field to New Lane Cemetery. The organisers say they have changed the hours to ensure the fair does not clash with funerals.

However, some feel it is inappropriate – including the parish council.

A disgrace – or harmless fun?

The gates to the cemetery

Diane Breen, chair of both Huntington Parish Council and the cemetery committee, said: “We have already been contacted by a number of residents who have loved ones buried in the cemetery who are very upset.

“We also have two funerals planned whilst the fair is on and have informed the relatives. Can you imagine holding a funeral with a funfair next door?

“I accept the landowner has the right to use the land as they wish, but a funfair – how insensitive.

“The last thing we want to do is to stop people having a good time but without causing upset to others.”

This shows the distance between the funfair and the boundary hedge

Another resident called it a disgrace, saying: “Whoever gave permission to this either has nobody in the cemetery or has a ounce of though for people and the dead resting. It’s totally disgusting.”

Others, though, were pleased that the funfair was on, and didn’t mind its location.

“People are saying it’s disrespectful, being next to the cemetery,” one Huntington resident said on Facebook.

“As my hubby said they are not going to complain are they – and we have relatives in there as well.”

Next door neighbours

Another said: “It’s just a funfair and after the last six months we’ve all had I think the kids need to burn off some energy and have something fun to visit.”

As well as saying the funfair will be closed and silent at times of funerals, the organisers say it will be Covid secure.

Everyone over the age of 11 has to wear a mask. There are hand sanitisers are on all the rides and attractions, a track and trace system is in place and people will be given temperature checks on entry.