Foss Barrier closed as flood warnings issued for York

The Environment Agency flood map for January 24 2018
24 Jan 2018 @ 8.31 am
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Rainfall and melting snow have caused our rivers to rise, leading to a flood warning for York.

The Environment Agency says the Foss Barrier is in operation and floodgates along the River Ouse in York are being closed in response.

There are two warnings in place in the city:

1. River Ouse at Naburn Lock
Flooding is expected – immediate action required

Levels on the River Ouse are continuing to rise in response to recent rainfall and melting snow in the upper catchments.

The river levels at York and Naburn are expected to continue to rise as a result of rain forecast to pass across the catchment, and are expected to peak late on Wednesday.

2. Upper River Ouse

Flooding is possible – be prepared

This flood alert remains in force due to rising levels on the River Ouse in York.

Rainfall and melting snow in the upper catchments has led to high levels in the Ouse. Levels are expected to peak between 3.1 and 3.2m (10ft 6in) on Wednesday afternoon.

The agency says further rainfall on Wednesday morning across the catchment area is expected to keep levels high into Thursday.

You can get updates on the Environment Agency flood warning information service