Five reasons to take a cookery class

10 Mar 2019 @ 7.54 pm
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Do you find yourself repeatedly cooking the same dishes? Or perhaps you want to uncover a hidden talent? Maybe you want to experience something new?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a budding chef, cookery classes can have many benefits for children and adults alike.

Cooking classes tend to range from evening sessions through to half day, full day and sometimes even week-long courses, that aim to provide you with food for thought and hands on experience in food preparation, presentation and appreciation.

Classes can specialise in specific skills, such as fish filleting or cake decorating, and others cater to international cuisines and set menus.

While everyone is likely to have their own reasons for booking onto a cooking class, there’s a benefit for everyone.

1. Improve your culinary skills

Head tutor Andrew Dixon at the Cookery School at The Grand
Whether you’re a complete beginner, known to burn pasta, or a novice looking to further improve your cooking skills, enrolling on a cooking class will provide you instruction on how to cook and you will improve your abilities. You’ll learn new skills while adding to your own personal recipe repertoire

2. Learn a new cuisine

Learning something new
When cooking at home, it is common to stick to what you know in the kitchen. Attending a cookery school provides a nice opportunity to learn dishes from international cuisines that you may not have known where to start or have been brave enough to attempt previously. You’ll leave the course with new and interesting dishes to vary up your cooking at home!

3. Discover how to present your dishes

Jenga chips!
Presentation is key. It’s easy to slop food on your plate when eating at home, but taking care, time and attention to present dishes in interesting and sometimes intricate ways will give you a new-found appreciation for your food.

Cookery schools can teach you techniques, tips and tricks for presenting dishes; it can even be as simple as chip Jenga! Not only will it feel immensely satisfying, your kitchen creations will be mouth-wateringly Instagram-worthy, and you’ll have friends queuing at your door for a dinner date.

4. Increase your kitchen confidence

You’re in expert hands
Forget your past relationship with the kitchen, attending a class in cooking will guide you to becoming a better cook and the hands-on practice and experience gained will help to promote self-esteem; a key ingredient of successful people.

5. Host a dinner party

The dining area at the Cookery School at the Grand
There is no better way to show off new found skills than at a dinner party! Perhaps you’ve wanted to host for a while but are afraid of serving sub-standard food, or worse, giving your guests food poisoning?!

Whether you’re hosting a Christmas dinner or are planning a get together with friends, a cookery class will be able to set you on the right path. Food tastes better when prepared with love, and your guests will be so proud of all of your efforts.

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If you’ve decided a cookery class is for you, York cookery school at The Grand offers a range of 43 classes, from express evening classes and parent and child sessions, to half day and full day options.
Whether you want to master an international cuisine, specialise in a dinner party menu, learn how create the perfect pastry or would like an introduction to foraging, there is a course to suit everyone’s taste!