Five indoor options for rainy summer days

22 Aug 2019 @ 2.46 pm
| News

While the British summer has been kind to us so far this year, the tail-end of everyone’s favourite season is likely to come with some rainy days, and they’ll only increase as we move towards autumn.

That doesn’t mean you have the days left where you can do something exciting are numbered though, whether it’s a rainy summer day out, or an excursion in the freezing winter, here are five indoor options for enjoying a day off.

Get Spooky

The York Dungeon offers spooky fun for the whole family, and the high-tech exhibits are genuinely impressive.

If you have a fondness for the macabre, there’s no better option!

Be a Viking

The Jorvik Viking Centre is a popular one with the tourists, but locals shouldn’t forget about it either!

With life-size mannequins playing out scenes from Viking history, get in your longboat, grow your beard nice and long, and find out why the Viking Centre has maintained its popularity for 35 years!

Play Bingo

Who says that you have to go out anyway? Days in are long past being limited to the sofa and an omnibus of your favourite soap opera these days.

One of the most popular ways to spend a day in is playing online bingo, chatting to other players who are doing the same throughout the country (and around the world in some cases).

Going out to play bingo is an option too, but there’s something about playing in your dressing gown with a cuppa that just appeals more! Plus, you never know, you might win yourself a nice little prize along the way. You can always find some of the best offers for the latest bingo sites at

Go Deep Underground

Another one for the history buffs, why not try out the York Cold War Bunker? A lesser known tourist attraction, this is well worth a visit.

A true insight into how close the world once was to an apocalypse, the Bunker is an utterly intriguing visit and shows how life could have been, if things had gone slightly differently!

Go See Some Poop

This doesn’t feel like an easy one to sell to the family as an idea for a day trip, and granted, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but the Lloyds Bank coprolite is one of the most historically interesting sights in the whole of York.

Described as being “as precious as the crown jewels” this is human faeces from the 9th century that was found under the site that was to become Lloyds bank back in the 1970s.

It might not have the bells and whistles of the Viking Museum and other days out, but if you want to do something truly different, 1,200 year old excrement certainly fits the bill!