Fat lad emails ‘posh’ York restaurant – to check he’d get ‘a proper fat lad’s plateful’

9 Nov 2017 @ 5.47 pm
| Food & drink

It was, said manager Jo Ellery, ‘hands down, the best email we’ve ever received’.

A potential diner had messaged the Star Inn The City in York to make a few preliminary inquiries.

He was planning to bring his wife to York for a night as a Christmas present, he began. But he just had a few questions…

It will be in the New Year when we come but I’ve never been anywhere posh before to eat but I’ve always fancied it.

If we booked in with you for a meal do I have to dress posh?

I’m a fat lad, would I get a proper fat lad’s plateful or am I better off just stuffing my face into a kebab as per?

Any help would be welcome.

‘Gave us a good laugh’

Those emails in full

Jo said his email put a smile on people’s faces.

“It really brightened everyone’s day when the email popped in – we don’t normally get such entertaining messages, and it gave us all a good laugh,” she told YorkMix.

She wrote back to him to say:

You’ll be pleased to know that we do not have a dress code and we do serve generous Yorkshire portions!

If you do however feel you still need a kebab on the evening, I am sure a member of staff will be able to point you in the direction of one of York’s hotspots.

In actual fact the cheeky request has won the ‘fat lad’ in question more than just plaudits…

Jo told us: “We’ve been in touch with him already to say that when he and his wife book, dinner will be on us!”

And she added “We’ll even throw in a kebab or two if he does…”