Fancy working at York Stadium? The first jobs are now up for grabs

Could this be your next workplace? Photograph: YorkMix
1 Oct 2019 @ 6.47 pm
| Business

There are two ways to get a job at York Stadium.

The first is to be fit and sporty enough to be selected to play for York City or York City Knights.

But if that’s out of your league, you can now apply for some of the first roles to be advertised at the new stadium.

Exactly when your starting date might be is unclear – we are still waiting for an official opening date for the long-delayed stadium.

But the fact that complex operator GLL is now recruiting key staff is a hopeful sign that things are stirring on that front. In the job ads, it says the stadium is ‘opening in autumn 2019’.

Coaches, lifeguards, managers

An artist’s impression of how the finished York Stadium complex will look
There are ten vacancies being advertised by GLL, ranging from managers to swimming teachers. It says:

  • The stadium complex is the culmination of a £42m investment and will have a capacity of over 8,000 in the main Stadium plus a 13-sceen cinema, an NHS outpatient clinic plus restaurants, a library and a bowling alley.

    The complex will be a one-stop shop for our customers, be it for health or leisure.

Here is a selection of the jobs on offer.

Duty manager

Salary: up to £22,930
If you’re looking for a desk job, this isn’t for you – as there’s no such thing as a typical day as Duty Manager. That’s what makes the role so special. Here, you could be doing anything from unlocking the leisure centre and setting up, to ordering supplies and checking everything is perfect for your customers. Then, once the day is in full swing, you’ll ensure it’s all running as it should be – handling customer queries, managing your team and ensuring the successful operation of the gym, pool and other facilities.

Gymnastics Lead

Salary: up to £23,958
You’ll have a real passion for gymnastics that will shine through as you manage and motivate your team of coaches to develop a quality, structured and balanced programme for them to follow. You’ll understand the needs of gymnasts and their abilities, helping you to create an environment that enables each and every one of them to reach their potential through safe, organised and progressive squad training sessions.

Catering Supervisor

Salary: up to £19,775
You’ll ensure our visitors and customers have the best of experiences during their visits. You’ll see that your team of catering assistants have excellent customer service, food-handling and preparation skills. As the most senior member of staff for the cafe, you’ll be a key holder and will need to open and close the cafe kitchens.

Trampoline Coach

Salary: up to £15.25 per hour
Aligning with our mission to get more people, more active, more of the time, your passion for sport and fitness or swimming will inspire others at whatever level they’re at. Our key sports are football, netball, basketball, gymnastics / trampolining and swimming / diving, but whichever of these you coach, you’ll do so with passion and enthusiasm.

Senior Recreation Assistant (Lifeguard)

Salary: up to £18,305
Whilst on shift, you’ll oversee a team of lifeguards, who you’ll act as a mentor and role model to be responsible for some staff training. You’ll have real attention to detail as you’ll be ensuring the safety of our customers as well as the cleanliness of the pool environment.