Eternal Law: guilty of crimes against TV

The cast of Eternal Law
8 Jan 2012 @ 9.42 pm
| Entertainment, Opinion

The verdict is in. ITV1’s York-set legal drama Eternal Law has been convicted of being tosh in the first degree.

Benji Wilson in the Telegraph gave the angels-as-lawyers romp two stars, calling actors Samuel West and Tobias Menzies “the very best thing about a really quite bad show”.

Sam Wollaston in The Guardian declared himself “baffled” by the “odd” and “silly” episode.

“Except for the miraculous moment when York turned from enjoying a sunny day to enduring a rainy one (congratulations that continuity editor), the show lacks magic,” said Andrew Billen behind his paywall in The Times, although he did suggest “series 2 might actually work”.

Lois Cameron in The Yorker was kinder, calling Eternal Law “daft, certainly, but original all the same, and for that reason, I’m willing to go with it.” And although willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt, Vicky Parry on found “the script also left me cold and at points I sadly found myself cringing”.

Twitter, on the whole, agreed. Here are a few of our favourites: