Elderly couple ‘devastated’ after house sale falls through because of York rail plan

23 Feb 2021 @ 5.46 pm
| News

An elderly couple have been left devastated after Network Rail announced it will be using a field behind their house as a compound for machinery, prompting a buyer to pull plans to purchase their home.

The couple’s property backs onto a field, on the border between Woodthorpe and Dringhouses, which will be used as a storage space for the next three years.

Their son-in-law Matthew Williamson told YorkMix that the sale of the Moor Lane property was nine-tenths complete – before Network Rail stunned locals with the plans.

He said his in-laws did the right thing and told the buyer straight away. They immediately shelved their plans to move saying they were worried about noise and light pollution “literally right outside the back door”.

Matthew said his parents had no clue this was going to happen.

“They’re absolutely devastated. They’re shocked. They’ve been in bits today,” he said.

Where the compound is going

It affects the whole family as the plan was for them to move closer to their daughter and grandchildren – and that isn’t going to be possible any time soon now.

They are furious about the short notice given by Network Rail.

They didn’t have a clue until they got a letter through the door on Friday. Matthew says there should have been some sort of consultation.

Ward councillor Stephen Fenton says he will meet with Network Rail to find out more tomorrow (Wednesday)