Drunk man who jumped in the river banned from York city centre for 24 hours

The river from Ouse Bridge. Photograph: YorkMix
6 Sep 2019 @ 8.53 pm
| News

A drunk man who jumped in the river in York has been banned from the city centre for 24 hours.

The man “decided it would be great fun to jump off Ouse Bridge into the river” at 5pm today (Friday 6 September) police officer PC541NYP tweeted.

“Luckily CCTV were monitoring and alerted us immediately. We attended and dispersed him out the city centre for 24 hours.”

The officer added:

  • He was intoxicated and told us he was a strong swimmer. He was warned about the dangers of the River Ouse yet dismissed them.

    He was taken home early, freezing cold and soaking! Was it all really worth it? Don’t think so myself.

    People sadly will never learn!

One of the volunteers from York Rescue Boat was on hand to provide the jumper “with strong words of advice”.

The charity tweeted: “Unbelievable, despite a number of tragic incidents this year people still aren’t listening to advice and putting themselves at risk.”