Drunk man thinks York street corner is his bedroom – and becomes a viral hit

Sweet dreams… the man discovered out for the count on Bar Lane. Photograph: Lewis Sharp on Instagram
8 Nov 2015 @ 11.34 am
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We all know the feeling. After a long and refreshing night in some of York’s finest hostelries you just want to crawl into bed.

Unfortunately for this man, what he thought was his bedroom turned out to be a grass verge in York city centre.

And what was an easy misunderstanding has gone viral, enjoyed by more than 50,000 people on social media – plus the readers of a national newspaper.

It all happened last Wednesday (November 4). Lewis Sharp spotted the tired and emotional man lying on the grass verge leading up to the city walls on Bar Lane close to its junction with Micklegate.

He kindly tried to wake him up but the man brushed him off with the classic response:

Shut my window for me. It’s freezing in here.

“I was in stitches when he said it,” Lewis said.

He revealed his encounter on Instagram and Facebook – and the whole thing took off:

Lewis shares his encounter on Facebook…
Lewis shares his encounter on Facebook…
And the internet goes wild… Photograph Lewis Sharp in Instagram
And the internet goes wild… Photograph Lewis Sharp in Instagram

‘Someone’s too drunk’

Lewis told Mail Online that he was returning home from a visit to a friend’s house “when I spotted a pair of legs hanging off the side”.

He tried to rouse the man, who he thought might be a new student having over-indulged in Freshers fun.

Lewis told the newspaper:

I was then stunned when he asked me to close the window because he was too cold.

I couldn’t believe it – he was clearly so drunk that he had no idea where he was. He was absolutely convinced it was his bedroom.

But Lewis wasn’t the only one to spot the sleeping man. Tom Harvey, from Scarborough, was enjoying a night out in York when he chanced upon him – and took this selfie:

Photograph: Tom Harvey on Facebook
Photograph: Tom Harvey on Facebook

Fortunately some friends of the man found him and started to help him – hopefully to his real bedroom.