Drama as firefighters rescue trapped chicken

4 May 2012 @ 5.11 pm
| News

Firefighters in North Yorkshire have staged a dramatic series of rescues in a day of high drama.

Crews were called on to:

  • free a child whose finger was stuck to the floor
  • help a woman out of a lift
  • and, most sensationally of all, liberate a chicken trapped behind a wall

The drama began 11.21am when a child at a primary school in Romanby, Northallerton, trapped her finger in a floor fitting. A fire crew from Northallerton attended and released the floor fitting which enabled her finger to be released.
The girl was then taken to hospital by road ambulance.

That afternoon a Scarborough crew were called to a store in The Old Town to use lift keys and manpower to release an elderly woman on a motorised scooter who was stuck in a lift.

Only minutes earlier Ripon firefighters had been called out on an urgent chicken rescue. The official report reveals:

‘Fire Crews from Ripon were called to a chicken stuck between a garage and a wall. Fire Crews used a water rescue hook to release the chicken.’

We have no further news of the chicken’s condition.

UPDATE Saturday, May 5: Firefighters in Filey have been attending yet another incident:

‘The Fire Service were called to a female who had become stuck in a swing. Fire Crews from Filey attended and released the female from the swing using a triple extension ladder and a socket set.’

That’s all we have at this time.