‘Don’t put yourself at risk’: Warning after diesel spillage in York’s rivers

22 Jun 2018 @ 7.55 pm
| Environment, News

Officials are investigating after a suspected diesel spillage in York’s rivers.

Fuel – thought to be diesel – was visible in the water near the Blue Bridge today. There were strong fumes coming from the river too.

Environment Agency experts said they were investigating a pollutant going into the water near where the River Foss meets the Ouse on Thursday night (June 21).

A pollutant visible in the Foss

An agency spokesman said:

We received reports of what we believe to be diesel on the river Foss and Ouse last night.

Impacts to the environment and wildlife are minimal but please don’t put yourself at risk by going in to the water.

The Environment Agency teams are on site, monitoring impacts, and carrying out an investigation to locate where the pollution originated.

The situation is improving with the diesel dispersing, and no further contamination obvious.

We will continue monitor the area very closely over the next few days and take appropriate action to protect the environment where possible.

He said it was too early in the investigation to say who might be responsible, or whether it was deliberate or an accident.