Diary: Residents mistake flowerpot for drowning man – and call the fire brigade

Don't go too near the edge of the riverbank boys…
27 May 2016 @ 9.08 pm
| News

False alarms are one of the hazards of being a firefighter.

But this one was unusual to say the least.

When word reached the emergency services that a man was in the river, fire crews from York, Acomb and Huntington scrambled into action.

Fortunately however, no one had even got their feet wet, as the official bulletin from North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue service on Wednesday (May 25) revealed:

Crews found that students had thrown a large flowerpot into the river which had been mistaken for a person by local residents.

Which invites a number of questions, the primary one: how do you mix up a flower pot with a human being? Unless your best buddies are Bill and Ben of course…

Congratulations to all the winners at the VisitYork York Tourism Awards on Thursday night (May 26).

But the award for best restaurant stirred things up more furiously than a Kenwood Chef, on Twitter at least.

The honour went to The Whippet Inn, the steakhouse on North Street.

However, no sooner was it announced than it was questioned on Twitter:

Which led one of the runners-up, Star Inn The City, to pile in:

Director of operations at Star Inn The City Matt Hunter joined in the food fight:

Soon Andrew Whitney, boisterous Aussie owner of the Whippet Inn, hit back –

And threw this in for good measure…

Well you know what they say. If you can’t stand the heat…